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Yayoi Kusama

'Yellow Pumpkin'



Yue Minjun

'Sea of the Brain'


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Happiness is only real when shared

The Gus Fisher Gallery presents 'Happiness is only real when shared' an exhibition exploring modern capitalist desires and the collective human experience through three widely acclaimed artists, Mark Schroder, Pinar Yoldas and Wong Ping.

NFTs: the future of selling digital art but at what cost?

Technology has finally allowed for digital artists to be paid their dues through the crypto market but what does this mean for their carbon footprint?

What's so great about the Renaissance anyway?

Renaissance Art is thrown around as one of the heights of artistic achievement. Why? Because it incorporated many of the scientific discoveries that were happening into the field of art. Realistic bodies? Check. Manipulating the viewer's focus? Check. Invention of a new paint? Double check.

It's 2021 and we need to support our local creatives

I’ve scoured the Instagram follow lists of NZ based creatives so that you can take a peek, have a gander and exercise your wallet in exchange for something dope and handmade.

Sweeten up your valentine with art that's good enough to eat

Leading New Zealand artist Simon Lewis Wards interprets the classic kiwi lolly and transforms it into an eclectic art object. 

The Seoul Art Collective making (literal) waves in the digital art world

The design agency using projection and sound to alter your everyday landscape. 

Illustrators you've probably seen before but didn't learn their name

The digital world has a way of anonymising artists. I introduce four illustrators whose names you won't forget anytime soon.  

Why are adults still obsessing over toys?

The world of the designer toy: just another a consumer tactic or accessible art?

How digital technology can help transform the colonial narrative

Morehshin Allahyari and her commanding use of technology to reassert power and rewrite the colonial narrative.  

Gimhongsok: when a balloon becomes art

Is a balloon still a balloon if it's stainless steel? Gimhongsok questions our values in this bright and playful series.  

Move over Elon, we're sending art to space now

My favourite artist KAWS pushes the bounds of art once again by sending one of his companions on a space walk.  

Agnes Martin: finding patience and thoughtfulness

In a time when the world feels like it is falling apart, Agnes Martin reminds us to breathe.

Superflat: the movement combining anime and fine art

Takashi Murakami ushered in a new movement that brought two seemingly opposite cultures together: anime and art.


Matt Gondek:

a Deconstructive Pop Artist


Kara Walker

'A Subtlety'